Business Promotion 09- Clearance Sale Banner Template

Drive up foot traffic to your next clearance sale with a full color custom banner sign. Post them in the window to be seen by pedestrians, or post it out front with one of our install kits and invite all in to your sale. Vinyl Banners are versatile so you can use it in the window, on a pole, on our install kit or on the wall outside your building. Take care, you may need a permit to post a temporary sign on the building. You'll bring in more people to your sale and your banner can be reused for your next clearance sale. Our banners come in an array of sizes from 12" to 92" tall and from 12" to 600" wide! Our grommets are brass, they won't rust, and are installed at no charge. Boost your business with a clearance sale, boost your clearance sale with a great sign.

Need an install kit? We've got that, too!