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When designing a sign or banner, it takes a whole collection of tips, tricks, understanding and knowledge to create a good design. In this article, we will give you some insight into what makes a great design and how you can incorporate these techniques so you can get the most out of your next sign design.

Enhance Your Sign with Colors & Images
When it's time to design your next sign or banner, it's very important to keep in mind what colors and images you are going to use. Particular colors and images convey certain feelings, emotions and ultimately, purchasing decisions. Well designed signage should build brand-awareness through efficiency, multiple impressions and reinforcing your overall message. And don't forget, signs enhanced with colors and images are the most effective!

sign design tips Get Noticed with Good Visiblity
To get the most out of your sign, make sure it is easily visible from the typical viewing distance. The rule of thumb is 1 inch for every ten feet. So if your sign will be viewed at 50 feet your large text should be 5 inches tall. Also, it's important that your signage doesn't blend-in to its surroundings and it is easily distinguishable from the environment. For that you’ll use contrasting colors.

The Right Color
Certain color combinations work better than others, while some colors can completely ruin a sign design. Another thing to consider when choosing colors for your signage is the culture of color. In the US white is a color that denotes purity while in Eastern and Asian cultures it is the color of death. This is just one example of how color can affect your audience. It’s a good thing to know who your audience is so you can choose colors that convey your tone appropriately. On your next voyage into sign creation, please note that some colors complement each other and enhance the sign you are creating. Below is a quick look at legibility with certain color combinations:

Sign Color Legibility Chart | Help Choosing a Color Combination

Be Distinguished and Make Your Sign Readable from Anywhere
Always remember: when it comes to good design work - less is more. Leave some space around the edges, and even between text and images. Always use the correct fonts and spacing to help your audience distinguish letters, words and shapes. By keeping your design simple and clean, you will add viewer impact and stronger noticablilty to what you trying to say. It will also be much more distinct from farther distances.

Know Your Audience
Knowing your demographic is very important and one of the fundemental keys to understanding what you need to design in order to capture their attention. Each particular audience is different and how you convey your brand and message is determined by who they are what you have to offer them. It takes time, research and creativity to understand how to efficiently and effectively advertise your brand to the masses.

Location is Key
The placement of customized sign will determine where and how your sign will look. If your sign is near a busy road or highway, then it should be a clean and concise as possible, with big letters, strong graphics and few words since your audience view time is limited. If your sign is near a sidewalk or slower traffic, then you have more time to show your branding by using more detail and wording.